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Eugenie is a Set Designer based in Los Angeles.


Born and raised in both California and Taipei, Eugenie is quick to adapt to changes. She received a Bachelor in Visual Arts (Media) with a minor in Theatre (Set Design) at the University of California, San Diego.


Eugenie has also worked in the film industry in Taiwan for two years during the pandemic, which broadens her cultural horizons and strengthens her communication skills. She is fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and English.


Eugenie genuinely enjoys enduring the challenge of meeting the need of each project. She finds restless energy in creating something out of nothing and always seeks to discover something new.

Her working experiences includes 3D modeling, rendering, set dressing, graphic design, basic prop fabrication and carpentry.

Outside of work, she enjoys playing with clay and exploring cultures through different cuisines. 

Tech Skills

3D and Drafting: SketchUp Pro, Layout, Vectorworks

Rendering Engine: V-ray Render

Graphic: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom

Video: Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro

Admin: MS Office Suite, Google Suite, Mac OS


3D modeling and rendering of sets for commercial spaces.

Construction on site experience to oversee work done by subcontractors.

Basic prop fabrication, carpentry, and scenic painting. Prop sourcing.


Fluent in English and Taiwanese. Native in Mandarin Chinese


Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts (Media)

Theatre (Set Design) Minor

University of California, San Diego

Project Management Certification

Google Professional Certification. 2023-present

Translation and Interpretation Certification

De Anza College. 2023-present

Set Designer

KarenCiCi "Do Do Do" | Music Video | Jan 2021

Produced by Grown For What Entertainment

Dir. KVN, Production Design: Wen-Jing Luo

Set Designer

Bernachon Coffee | Commercial | Dec 2020

Produced by Cicada Film Studio

Production Design: Wen-Jing Luo


Set Designer

"The Nipple Talk" | TV series | May 2022

Produced by 妮波自由式股份公司

Production Design: Chin-Hsien Chou


Set Designer

"Taiwan Trilogy" (Halt) | Feature | Jan 2021- July 2021

Produced by Storyage Pictures

Dir. Wei Te-Sheng, PD: Hidefumi Hanatani

Scenic Designer

"Pippin" (Halt) | Theatre Play | Oct 2019-Feb 2020

Produced by Muir Musical Production

Dir. Isabella Calabrese

Scenic Designer

"Sonnet for an Old Century"

Theatre Play | Apr 2019-Jun 2019

Produced by UCSD Theatre & Dance

Dir. Kym Pappas

Work Experience (Selected)

Set Design/ Scenic Design

Production Designer

"She's in my Head" | Music Video | Dec. 2022

Produced by We Make Movies, Inc.

Dir. Julien Gauthier

Production Designer

"Rise of Kingdom" | Commercial | Nov. 2022

Produced by Summery Productions

Dir. Gev Miron

Production Designer

"Shell Shock" | Short Film | Oct. 2022

Produced by Park Boulevard Group, Inc.

Dir. Justin Garza

Production Designer

"Novena" | Short Film | March. 2019

Produced by: Serena Burgos, Daniel Song, Trae Whyte. Dir. Nolan Valerio

Art Director

"Fanduel" | Commercial | March. 2023

Produced by The Rec League

Dir. Trent Ubben, PD: Taylor Liyucan Chen

Art Director

"Worth A Shot" | Youtube Series S2 | Aprl. 2023

Produced by The Watchers Entmt

Dir. Patrick Ward, PD: Jeana Cho

Art Director

"Hema" | Short Film | Oct. 2022

Produced by SUM Media LLC

Dir. Ritvik Dhavale, PD: Taylor Liyucan Chen

Art Director

"Black Metal" | Short Film | Oct. 2022

Produced by Center Wheel Productions

Dir. Michael Hyon Johnson, PD: Carrie Liu

Work Experience Continue

Set Decorator


Set Decorator

"Baby" | Short Film| Jan 2022

Produced by Yu-Hsuan Chen

Production Design: Xuan-Shao Chen

Kleenex | Commercial | Sept 2021

Produced by Phenomena Film

Production Design: Wei-Ching Li

Set Dresser 

Set Dresser

Set Dresser

Set Decorator


Graphic Designer

"Jagged Joy" | Short Film | Dec 2019

Production Design: Ari Ward

Prop Master

A-Lin "Best friend" | Music Video | Mar 2022

Produced by Work Scene Production

Production Design: Chin-Hsien Chou

"Untold Herstory" | Feature | Sept 2021-Dec 2021

Produced by thuànnTaiwan Film

Dir. Zero Chou, Production Design: Chin-Hsien Chou

"Backpack" | Short Film | May 2021

Produced by Acro Growth Entertainment

Production Design: Chin-Hsien Chou

"Uncilenced" | Feature | Sept 2020-Dec 2020

Produced by Flying Cloud

Dir. Leon Lee, Production Design: Wen-Jing Luo

"Hair Spray" | Theatre Play | Oct 2018-Apr 2019

Produced by Muir Musical Production

Scenic Design: Kristina Stahl

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